Creating Smart Social Media Goals

Photo by waferboard In order to climb Mount Everest, you have to establish a series of intermediate goals that are specific and attainable. You can’t just wake up one day…


How Sharing Happened Around the World in 2014 [Infographic]

After the Michael Brown and Eric Garner decisions, people all over world used social media to speak out and organize protests. The Ukraine and Gaza conflicts caused a similar spike…

Get People to Promote Your Fundraiser with These Tips

Get People to Promote Your Fundraiser with These Tips

No matter how nicely you ask, and how often you ask, getting people to share your fundraiser with their friends can often feel like pulling teeth. Your community loves what…

4 New Tools for Facebook Page Admins

4 New Tools for Facebook Page Admins You Probably Missed

Over the past few months, Facebook has added a few features to make life easier for Facebook admins. Particularly around managing and moderating content posted by admins and Facebook users.…

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12.11.2014 ,

Dealing with the “Truth Serum” Factor of Facebook

Photo by Johan Larsson It’s easy to be brave behind a screen. One of the most common responses you will get when asking why people post things online that they…


Getting Started with Pinterest Analytics [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Pinterest recently upgraded their analytics for business accounts. You can discover your most popular pins, repins, and boards. You can also learn about the people engaging with your pins. In addition to basic demographics,…


Why Charity Water Doesn’t Have a “Donate Now” Button

Whenever I do training about improving websites for better fundraising, someone usually asks about the best location for a “Donate Now” button. It’s as if adding a “Donate Now” button…


3 Reasons to Fall In Love With The Facebook Pages Manager App

If you manage a Facebook Page (or several pages) for your nonprofit, you’ve probably heard about Facebook’s Pages Manager app (iOS and Android). This app allows you to post content…


How to Promote Your Nonprofit on Pinterest

Did you know Pinterest now has over 70 million users? These users spend 70% more money on those products via Pinterest than users who were referred from other online networks. So…

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Simple Tips for Using Facebook Ads on a Budget

Facebook ads are a powerful way to reach people who are most likely to attend your next fundraising event. They’re also useful for increasing your fanbase, and engagement on your…