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The Biggest Key to Social Media Success: Don’t Give Up

Oh, this era of instant gratification. It affects us in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s wanting to find the shortest line at the grocery store, how long it…


7 New Facebook Page Features You Need to Know About

Last month, Facebook rolled out the new Facebook Pages design to all Pages. This redesign of Facebook Pages is intended to help admins “find the tools they use most”. The…

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Five Ways to Avoid the Facebook Freak-Out

Photo via Creative Commons There has been a LOT of talk over the last week or so regarding changes that Facebook is rolling out. In case you missed the hubaballoo,…


Watch How These Fish Geeks Use Facebook for Science

Oregon State University ichthyologist Brian Sidlauskas and his fellow science peers (who are also his Facebook friends) documented more than 5,000 fish in under 24 hours using Facebook. Before you…


6 New Twitter Followers for Do-Gooders

My first post of 2013 was 3 Steps to Using Twitter to Gather Nonprofit News. Nearly a year later it’s still a useful post with some great suggestions on how…