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My 10 Best Cause Marketing Posts on Inspiring Generosity

This month marks my third anniversary writing for the Razoo Foundation. After writing for my own blog, Selfish Giving, I’ve written for no other blog more than Razoo’s Inspiring Generosity.…

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3 Cause Marketing Promotions I’m Longing to See Again

The new year has just begun but I’m already longing for the good old days. What ever happen to all those cause marketing promotions I raved about in years past…

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How to Use Special Occasions for Fundraising

Photo by Mandalina Bakery Today’s my birthday! Actually, that’s not true. It was last month, but it still feels fresh. Feel free to still send me a gift! A special…

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3 Ways to Raise More Money at the Register

Phillip Haid, founder and CEO of Toronto-based Public Inc., knows how to run a successful pinup program. He’s raised millions working with Canadian companies like Winners and HomeSense, and nonprofits like the Sunshine Foundation. I asked Phillip…

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Don’t Give Up on Fundraising with Big Companies

It’s true: a lot of big, national companies won’t work with local nonprofits. They prefer to work with big national charities. This is due to many reasons, but the biggest…


Businesses Honor Fallen Heroes on Independence Day

I’m on the hunt for Fourth of July cause marketing. In a similar hunt last year I struck gold when I wrote about this cool promotion from Budweiser that included augmented reality! What a fireworks…


3 Takeaways from the Cause Marketing Forum Conference

I’m not a big fan of conferences. I like to say that conferences are for people who don’t read. And I read a lot! I follow a lot of key…


3 Important Tips When Reaching Out to Influencers

Photo via Creative Commons This week some friends were passing a long a video that Gary Vaynerchuk, social media guru, author, and founder of The Wine Library, had posted to…


Burger Stand Flips, Pledges 150,000 Shakes to End Hunger

This past weekend I had two goals: spend time with the family and go to Shake Shack—America’s burger stand. To make sure I did both, I took the family to…


The Importance of Transparency When Promoting Your Cause

Photo via Creative Commons A couple of months ago, a friend of mine on Facebook promoted a cause via a mutual friend of ours. It was noted that the mutual…