Facebook Organic Reach
09.10.2014 ,

9 New Facebook Rules for Nonprofits

The world of Facebook marketing has drastically changed over the past year. With all these changes in mind, here are 9 new Facebook rules for nonprofits: 1. Focus on Your…

Photo via Kristie Wells on Flickr

7 Things You Should Know About Car Donation Programs

I’ve never donated a car to charity before. But I’m spending a lot of time learning about how these programs work! I have a client, Rodman for Kids, that has…

Social Media ROI Buy-In
09.03.2014 ,

5 Simple Steps for Getting Social Media Buy-in From Your Board

Are your board members still doubting social media? Do they fail to “get it”, even though you’ve built a thriving community on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Remember, board members are just…

Photo via David Rodriguez Martin on Flickr

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Drone Makers

I can’t wait for the day when drone deliveries are as common as pizza deliveries. I’m breathless at the possibilities. Drones can take my kids to soccer and lacrosse practices.…


7 Visual Content Tools to Make You Look Like Picasso

If you manage social media for a nonprofit, you realize that creating visual content is becoming a bigger part of your job. You’re creating more visual content than ever before,…


10 Fundraising Ideas (And How to Use Them)

Picking a fundraiser is hard. There are so many ideas! But some are better than others in rallying support for your cause. Here’s a list of 10 fundraising ideas, and…


How to Define Whether a Social Media Campaign Works

“Is it working?” This on the surface seems like such a simple question to answer. It’s yes or no, right? As an NPO, if you begin the implementation of a…


3 Big Fundraising Lessons from #IceBucketChallenge

No doubt you’ve heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the viral fundraiser that’s raised over $22 million in 30 days. This is a 12X increase over the previous period last year!…


How to Make the Ice Bucket Challenge Better with T-shirts

If you were on vacation last week or unplugged from social media (or under a rock) you’re probably one of the few people who DIDN’T take the #IceBucketChallenge. The challenge…


Avoiding the Temptation of Newsjacking

Few things in today’s business world are more frustrating than investing a lot of time in developing and promoting content only to hear crickets in response. You try to follow…