Why Charity Water doesn’t have a “Donate Now” button

Whenever I do training about improving websites for better fundraising, someone usually asks about the best location for a “Donate Now” button. It’s as if adding a “Donate Now” button…

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How to Use Special Occasions for Fundraising

Today’s my birthday! Actually, that’s not true. It was last month, but it still feels fresh. Feel free to still send me a gift! A special occasion like a birthday…

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The Perils of Give-Away Items

Your organization has decided to hit a few conventions and conferences later this year and into early next year. The plans are coming together pretty fast by necessity, but you…


3 Reasons to Fall In Love With The Facebook Pages Manager App

If you manage a Facebook Page (or several pages) for your nonprofit, you’ve probably heard about Facebook’s Pages Manager app (iOS and Google). This app allows you to post content…


How Has a Business Inspired You to Give?

Inspiration to give and support good causes is all around us, including in the businesses we visit. For Chris Padgett, it was after the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. He was at a…

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5 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Online Donations

Photo by You have done everything right. Your campaign has been complimented by many people in your community. Your boss is happy, you’re happy, and traffic to your donations…


Making Pancakes and Storytelling

My son’s soccer coach came up with a play that finally connected with the kids. He called the “pancake.” One player kicks the ball from the corner to another player…


Before You Start or Support a Socially Responsible Business, Read This First

I get calls every week from people that want to start a socially responsible business (or cause business as I like to call them). Good, intelligent, well-intentioned people who really…


How to Promote Your Nonprofit on Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest now has over 70 million users? These users spend 70% more money on those products via Pinterest than users who were referred from other online networks.…


Nonprofits Need to Rescue Themselves––Before It’s Too Late

A lot of what I write about on this blog, Selfish Giving and other sites is about nonprofits acting to help themselves, as opposed to waiting on bended knee with…