Creating Smart Social Media Goals

Photo by waferboard In order to climb Mount Everest, you have to establish a series of intermediate goals that are specific and attainable. You can’t just wake up one day…


The Fine Art of Persuasion

Let’s face it. A lot of what you do as an NPO is about persuasion. You need to persuade people that your cause is important, for example. You need to…

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The Biggest Key to Social Media Success: Don’t Give Up

Oh, this era of instant gratification. It affects us in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s wanting to find the shortest line at the grocery store, how long it…


Simple Ways To Engage Your Facebook Fans In Less Than 3 Minutes

One requirement for nonprofit marketing on Facebook is regularly posting engaging content on your Facebook Page. Posting at least daily is recommended, because it allows you to consistently stay top-of-mind with…

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My 10 Best Cause Marketing Posts on Inspiring Generosity

This month marks my third anniversary writing for the Razoo Foundation. After writing for my own blog, Selfish Giving, I’ve written for no other blog more than Razoo’s Inspiring Generosity.…

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3 Cause Marketing Promotions I’m Longing to See Again

The new year has just begun but I’m already longing for the good old days. What ever happen to all those cause marketing promotions I raved about in years past…

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Getting Started with Fundraising with Businesses

It seems like everyone is raising money for a favorite cause these days. And while everyone asks their friends, family, and colleagues to support them, don’t forget to ask your…

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5 Reasons You Should Rethink Your Charity Walk Plans

I bet like me you’re already looking forward to the summer months. And if you’re a fundraiser, that can only mean one thing: summer events. I bet you’re already thinking…


My Three All-Time Favorite Cause Marketing Promotions

This time of year I’m busy writing my Top 10 Cause Marketing Promotions of 2014, which will be live on my blog next week. Putting it all together is a…

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5 Ways to Get Your NPO’s Year Off to a Great Start

Photo by Thanasis At this time of year, most folks like to look back at the year just passing. What were the top ten most successful fundraising efforts? Who made…