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01.10.2012 ,

4 Ways to Get Your Creative Groove On

Tired of doing the same thing? In 2012, challenge yourself to tell your story in new and different ways. Whether it be video, photography, illustrations, comics and more, let’s explore…

Man Listening
01.03.2012 ,

How Does Listening Lead to Impact?

“We need to listen more,” Jeff Raikes, President of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, told the Chronicle of Philanthropy when asked about 2012 New Year’s Resolutions for the nonprofit…

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12.20.2011 ,

HOW TO: Make the Most of December 31

According to Network for Good, 33% of giving for the entire year happens on December 30 and 31. Are you ready for the great year-end push? Grab some last minute…

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12.13.2011 ,

Get Some Face Time Over the Holidays

Giving can be impersonal. You write a check. You drop items off. You put some cash into the collection. And you walk away. This year, challenge yourself to go a step…

Image by coleypauline
12.06.2011 ,

Giving Plastic: A Look at Holiday Gift Cards

50% of all gift cards are purchased for Christmas, and most gift cards are purchased for family and friends. With a majority of Americans saying they are more likely to…

Image by Pulpolus !!!

4 Lessons Positive Psychology Offers Fundraisers

“Look at the bright spots.” Have you ever heard someone say this in a meeting? There are times to look at what’s not working and assess how it can be…

LinkedIn Insights
11.15.2011 ,

LinkedIn Introduces New Insights Dashboard for Groups

Earlier this year, we discussed how LinkedIn can help you inspire generosity. Recently, LinkedIn announced its new Statistics Dashboard for LinkedIn groups. The new feature was launched on ALL groups…

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How Are You Inspiring New Givers?

“Individuals today are no more generous than their predecessors were over four decades ago,” according to a new report released by Blackbaud titled Growing Philanthropy in the United States. The…

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11.01.2011 ,

3 Ways to Rev Up Your Meeting Mojo

How do you inspire giving? From the inside-out! One way to get started is by doing a meeting makeover. When it comes to “meetings,” people don’t exactly start jumping with…

Image by: spikeyhelen
10.25.2011 ,

Unraveling The Myth of Slacktivism

Last year, Malcom Gladwell started quite the discussion–and some heated arguments–in his New Yorker expose on “slacktivism,” doubting social media’s role in impacting real social change. “Slacktivism” describes the simple,…