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02.05.2013 ,

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Social Media Policy

Last week I offered 7 ways your nonprofit can involve employees in your social media efforts, with the understanding that they are among your best brand advocates, and can help…

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01.30.2013 ,

7 Ways to Involve Staff in Your Nonprofit's Social Media

Involving staff in your nonprofit’s social media strategy may be the extra boost you org needs to improve your its online presence. See, sometimes when an organization decides to become…

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01.24.2013 ,

The Essential Online Toolkit for Nonprofits

There are so many different online tools available to us, and new ones popping up every day. It can get awfully confusing, and as a nonprofit, you have to spend…

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Give Nonprofits What They Need (Not Teddy Bears)

The other day I read something on my Facebook wall from a friend who is a television reporter in Nebraska. His station was doing stories related to the school shooting…

Photo by Salvation Army USA West

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle is Now Online

Is it possible to take a simple 19th century concept and bring it into the 21st century, while retaining it’s original charm? The Salvation Army is having quite a bit…

Meghan and Jose, Founders of Character's Pub

Thanksgiving: The Lancaster Way of Giving

Meghan Young grew up in Lancaster County and attended schools in the city of Lancaster. Despite leaving the area to attend culinary school in Baltimore, then working as a chef…

Amanda's 'Stache

Movember: A Hairy Situation

You might notice a lot more men growing facial hair these days. In fact, if you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you might even be seeing regularly posted pictures of your…

Photo Courtesy of Lancaster Gifts that Give Hope
11.08.2012 ,

Don't Give Stuff. Give Hope.

This is the time of year when we all begin to bemoan the commercialization of the holidays, as we claw our way through the crowds at the mall, trying to…

Photo Courtesy of Digging Wells for Hope
10.29.2012 ,

Kids Can Be Real Changemakers, Encourage Them

I have three kids, and over the years they’ve been the source of many joys and a few frustrations. But more than anything, they’ve been a source of education for…

Lisa Minakowski
10.17.2012 ,

Dear Cancer, You Don't Stand a Chance. Sincerely, Lisa

The cover photo across the top of her Facebook profile says, “I Believe” over a background of pink bricks. And in speaking to Lisa Minakowski on the phone, it’s evident…