Photo Courtesy of World Food Programme

Thank You for #hungertohope!

Yesterday, the Razoo team raised awareness and money for Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief project to benefit the World Food Programme. In all, 143 people contributed $4,815 to the effort.…

Image by Geoff Livingston

The Failure of Fingerwagging

Last week, we talked a bit about small acts and how they can lead to change. Today, let’s talk about negativity, and how it undermines change. We want to inspire…

Photo by Doug Haslam (Left)

How Change Happens

There’s a belief that a Like or petition signature doesn’t mean anything. Critics slam this behavior as slacktivism. That’s pretty bad news for those of us who have committed to…

FB Profile Pic 100mm for 8.14.12
08.15.2012 ,

$100 Million: You’ve Come A Long Way Razoo!

This week Razoo reached a major milestone, $100 million in charitable giving. More than half of this incredible sum came in the past nine months. To celebrate Razoo is hosting…

Twenty and thirty something community managers Amy Sample Ward, Michaela Hackner, Wendy Harman, and Danielle Brigida at SxSW 2010.

5 Great 20-Something Social Good Community Managers

Most nonprofit community managers are in their 20s. In many ways this is a result of budget, and that the role is a tactical line job rather than a senior…

07.26.2012 ,

How to Prepare for Facebook's Decline

Photo by Sean MacEntee If you are a nonprofit or a consistent fundraiser, then it’s time to hedge your bets and start investing in networks other than Facebook. A recent…

07.19.2012 ,

4 Tips for Would-Be Social Photographers

While I have blogged about the benefits of visual media in the past, I’d like to offer some tips based on my experience. Are you an amateur like me or…

Boulders and Clouds by Charles Jellison
07.12.2012 ,

Make Change Acceptable

Fundraising often necessitates convincing people that they should invest in change. So the question becomes how do you make change acceptable when so many people are afraid of it? From…


Who Matters Most? Beneficiary, NPO, or Donor?

Who’s the most important person in a fundraiser? Is it the beneficiary, the fundraiser/nonprofit, or the donor? A very strong case can be made for the beneficiary. After all, they/it…

Photo by tolchok
06.21.2012 ,

No Mobile, No Future

Much has been made about the necessity of developing a mobile web strategy. Mobile now comprises 10% of global web traffic. This year’s Millennial Impact Report shows how important mobile…