7 Visual Content Tools to Make You Look Like Picasso

If you manage social media for a nonprofit, you realize that creating visual content is becoming a bigger part of your job. You’re creating more visual content than ever before,…


10 Fundraising Ideas (And How to Use Them)

Picking a fundraiser is hard. There are so many ideas! But some are better than others in rallying support for your cause. Here’s a list of 10 fundraising ideas, and…


How to Define Whether a Social Media Campaign Works

“Is it working?” This on the surface seems like such a simple question to answer. It’s yes or no, right? As an NPO, if you begin the implementation of a…


3 Big Fundraising Lessons from #IceBucketChallenge

No doubt you’ve heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the viral fundraiser that’s raised over $22 million in 30 days. This is a 12X increase over the previous period last year!…


How to Make the Ice Bucket Challenge Better with T-shirts

If you were on vacation last week or unplugged from social media (or under a rock) you’re probably one of the few people who DIDN’T take the #IceBucketChallenge. The challenge…


Avoiding the Temptation of Newsjacking

Few things in today’s business world are more frustrating than investing a lot of time in developing and promoting content only to hear crickets in response. You try to follow…


How to Tell If Your Friend’s Email Has Been Hacked

Malicious hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated. Here’s a short video to help you recognize if your friend has been hacked, and if you are getting phished.


To Succeed, Nonprofits Need to Adjust Their Aim

Nonprofits and gun makers are very different, but not when it comes to marketing. I learned that by watching the evolution of Smith & Wesson, a gun manufacturer based here in…

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5 Storytelling Tips For Better Online Fundraising

This is the limbic brain. It’s about 200 millions years old and is responsible for emotions. It’s the elephant mentioned in Switch. The limbic brain the source of value judgments and feelings (mostly…

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What Nonprofits Can Learn from Great Bookstores

There’s isn’t a more endangered business than independent bookstores. Margins are low and competition from Amazon—never mind everyone else—is fierce. Still, some bookstores are doing more than just surviving. They’re…