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The Problem with Being Awesome

You’ve heard the advice that to “cut through the noise”, your content has to be awesome. They claim that your audience will pay attention when you blow them away with a…


8 Ways to Give Back on Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! Halloween is all about tricks and treats, but it’s also a great holiday to give back and help others. Here are eight ways you can scare up…

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Nine Words That Will Strengthen Your Nonprofit Messaging

In Content Marketing for Nonprofits, Kivi Leroux Miller mentions a language study by Jen Shang, a psychologist who studies philanthropic behavior uncovered nine agitators Americans use to define a good…

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Finally, A "Pinktober" Fundraiser That’s Growing On Me

I’m already missing the summer months. I’m an avid gardener and I had a wonderful flower garden this year. You know when everything clicks? That was me this past summer.…

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Anti-Bullying, Anti-Suicide Resources For You or One You Love

As you may have heard, October has been named “National Anti-Bullying Month.” As I was doing research for this post I found an observation regarding how sad it is that…

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Data Hygiene: It Does A Growing Org Good

Tell me if you recognize this scenario: your nonprofit’s finally got legs, the membership is growing, your community visibility is up, the media’s paying attention, you have a steady revenue…

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What is a WordPress theme?

This blog is created with WordPress, one of the largest web platforms on the planet. What gives it a certain style and functionality is what’s called a theme. What is…

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What Nonprofits Can Learn From Halloween’s Top Costumes

Halloween costumes are a $28 million industry. Even if you haven’t bought yours yet, I bet you’re weighing your options. (After the Red Sox’s big win over the Detroit Tigers…

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Now’s the Time to Search for Corporate Partners

Now is a good time for you to start the search for corporate partners. A recent article for The Nonprofit Times suggests that increasingly, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies…

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Millennials are Not Whiny, Over-sharing Aliens from Saturn

A Platform for Good‘s mission is to highlight how technology can enhance our lives, and the opportunities it affords us to create social change. They pay particular attention to how…