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09.25.2013 ,

Nonprofit Strategies: Surviving versus Farming

Every few months I’m invited to attend a board meeting to discuss how social media could be used better. And I’m always surprised how much time is spent focusing on…


Soldier Finds Strength in Iraqi War, Mother's Illness

Michael Volkin’s military career began just few days after September 11, 2001 when he joined the Army. After basic training he landed in Iraq as a chemical operations sergeant. He…


Retaining Donors with Pavlovian Conditioning

Rewarding your donors is key to increasing retention rates, as I demonstrate in this video with Freddy: Freddy will repeat behavior that gets him a reward. So will your donors.…

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An Unacceptable Problem: Homeless Children

Mark Horvath of has more experience with homelessness than one man deserves. As the founder of his nonprofit, he works daily with the homeless and was himself homeless. The…

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Is Your Website Turning Away Donors?

Recently, published a survey of millennials who were asked to respond to different nonprofit websites. The headline of the results, published on July 18, 2013, caught my eye. It…


Why Reason Alone Doesn’t Work in Fundraising

You want people to join your email list, donate to your organization, or take some other kind of specific action to support your nonprofit. But no matter how much you explain…


The Second Best Thing: Product Donations

Nonprofits want cash from businesses. But what they usually get is product. That’s one of the conclusions you can draw from the donations of 105 companies that were tallied by…

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Are You Really Busy or Are You Just Saying That?

I read an interesting article from Harvard Business Review last week. The article was titled, “Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are.” The article makes a few interesting points.…

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09.05.2013 ,

Help Me Help the ImAlive Suicide Prevention Chat Service

Photo by Violetix   The weekend before Labor Day, 2011, was a beautiful weekend in Northeast Ohio. Since my birthday was coming up I spent a lot of time with…

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09.04.2013 ,

The Science Behind Viral Content

If you want to create “viral content,” you should watch videos like this one which has almost 20,000 views. 🙂 The truth about this video–and most viral content–is that no one…