Are you offering your donors a carrot? (Photo by kathryn_rotondo)
08.28.2013 ,

6 Steps to Building Your Email List With Facebook

For many nonprofits, email is the bridge that Facebook fans frequently walk across on their way to becoming a donor. This means having a smart email marketing strategy, in addition to…

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4 Giving Strategies You Should Pitch to Your Boss

It may seem like every company does something to support nonprofits, but there are still many hold outs. Is your company one of them? Here’s the good news. Companies are…

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The Most Important Question to Ask a New Donor

  When someone donates to your cause for the first time, there is a critical piece of information they have that you need. This information is so important because it…

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Companies Don't Care About Nonprofits

Companies are less interested in helping your nonprofit than they are in supporting causes that their employees and customers care about. The latest example is a new initiative from American…

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A Little Humility Can Go A Long Way

The other day, I was scanning my Twitter feed as I am wont to do, and I came upon a tweet regarding an upcoming conference. The tweet said something like,…

Black Dog, Typewriter
08.14.2013 ,

5 Tips for Writing Website Copy That Connects

You’ve been taught that your website copy should speak to your website’s visitors. And if you’re using a web stats tool, like Google Analytics, you know where they live, what…

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08.13.2013 ,

QR Codes are Far From Dead

Everyone talks about how ugly, useless, and unpopular QR Codes are–especially for a nonprofit. But that flies in the face of some recent research that shows they are being scanned…

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Don't Blame the Tool

Imagine for a moment you are walking through a building that is being renovated. As you walk by, you see a carpenter who is working on a railing for a…

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How to Build a Loyal Facebook Community

It seems like the hardest thing in the world is to develop a vibrant and thriving community on Facebook. You post content, get a reaction, and start over again. Rarely…

USACE Donates Office Furniture to Nonprofit (Photo by USACE Europe District)

3 Corporate Giving Strategies Every Nonprofit Should Use

I just finished my third book, Fundraising with Businesses: 40 New (and Improved!) Strategies for Nonprofits. It will be out this fall. I love writing books because I learn so…