Why Headlines Matter

You’re reading this because on some level you’re interested in writing better headlines (subject lines, blog post titles). Or maybe you’re interested in how headlines impact your readers, and how…

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In Search of the Elusive B2B Fundraiser

Most of the fundraisers with businesses I write about on my blog are consumer facing, which means the participating business sells directly to consumers (e.g. department store, coffee shop, restaurant). They’re…

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The Nonprofit's Digital Afterlife And Proper Goodbyes

The digital afterlife no longer takes most of us by surprise. We know that what we put up on the Internet is forever. And we know that unless we do…

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Why Facebook Marketing Feels So Impossible

It seems that most brands and nonprofits are still trying to get their head around what works on Facebook. What content works best, what time to publish updates, how to…

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Facebook Contest Lessons from Two Winners

No type of charity fundraiser has risen faster than Facebook contests. Five years ago they didn’t exist. Today, they’re one of the most common vehicles for nonprofit fundraising. I had…

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Influence Marketing and Fundraising: A New Approach

For the past two weeks, we have been discussing how to approach fundraising on social media sites through the prism of the book Influence Marketing, by Danny Brown and Sam…

Fundraising For The Arts

And now a post for creative and arts nonprofits, some of whom go dark over the summer–the local theater groups, the non-professional choirs, the small groups that offer cutting edge…

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Five Critical Attitudes That Boost Social Sharing

Technology has blessed your community with more sharing power than ever before. The ability to retweet, like, and pin with increased ease is what helped launch the slactivist movement. But even though…

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6 Takeaways from the 2013 Cause Marketing Forum Conference

I go to my share of conferences. But I attend very few that I don’t get paid to speak at. Too much time. Too much money. Too little for too…

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Influence Marketing and Fundraising: Why Doesn't It Work?

Last week we talked about how a lot of companies and organizations approach social media based on the idea of “the influencer.” The hope is that if a very well-known…