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Pay Your Staff Well Or Someone Else Will

Quick! What do you think when you see the words “nonprofit?” Idealism? Humanitarianism? Visionaries who make the world a better place? Yes! Also, lack of business savvy (that whole “not…

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02.27.2013 ,

The Hidden Costs of a Free Website

Did you know there are hidden costs that come with a free website? Lately I’ve been chatting a few small nonprofits about converting their current website (built for free by a…

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02.26.2013 ,

Want to Raise More Money? Find Your Tower of Power

I spent a couple days last week in Atlanta teaching nonprofits how to identify and leverage their assets. Assets are anything a nonprofit has that it can use to identify,…

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WomenHeart Makes Strides to Fight Heart Disease in Women

Have you heard of WomenHeart? It’s a special effort to raise awareness about the toll heart disease is taking on women. This group, led by the organization is called The…

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Nonprofits, How We Love Thee (Not!)

And now I shall be the skunk at the garden party, and speak of the thing nonprofits can be willfully oblivious to, but which rest assured everyone talks about openly:…

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02.20.2013 ,

19 Things You Didn't Know You Could Measure on Facebook

Imagine driving around Boston without a map or a GPS device. We’re talking about a city where cows did all the planning of roads, intersections, and highways. You’d get lost…

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Food Lion Uses Coupons to Raise Funds & Reward Donors

For the past 22 years, Food Lion has been supporting Easter Seals at hundreds of locations in the mid- and south-Atlantic states. The inaugural program was a modest one in its…

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Have A Heart to Help Fight Eating Disorders

February is all about causes related to heart health. Last Thursday was CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) awareness day, a time to note that many infants die of heart defects simply…

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02.14.2013 ,

Show Meaningful Love on Valentine's Day

On Thursday many people will be marking Valentine’s Day in very mushy, romantic kinds of ways. Flowers will be purchased at the last minute. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets will be…

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02.13.2013 ,

Nine Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Fanbase

Your Facebook Page community is like a garden that requires regular weeding, watering and sunlight. If you don’t consistently nurture this “garden”, you won’t be able to harvest healthy fruits…