Photo Courtesy of the Tutu Project

Fighting Breast Cancer One Tutu At A Time

Editor’s Note: Today’s the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with this blog post by Margie Clayman, we wrap up our series about people making waves and changing…

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10.31.2012 ,

What Trick-Or-Treating Says About Social Media Fundraising

When you were a kid, Halloween was the #1 non-religious holiday. Once a year you got permission to be anyone you want it to be. Batman, Superman, a Vampire–anything you…

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10.30.2012 ,

Hurricane Hits, Apocalypse Looms. Get a Go Bag!

The American Red Cross has a message for you: you need to be ready for a disaster. The message is a timely one as Hurricane Sandy is continuing its march…

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10.29.2012 ,

Kids Can Be Real Changemakers, Encourage Them

I have three kids, and over the years they’ve been the source of many joys and a few frustrations. But more than anything, they’ve been a source of education for…

Liz Barker
10.26.2012 ,

When Life Gave Liz Some Lemons

Liz Barker is a seasoned financial advisor from Philadelphia, who is blessed to be with the three loves of her life: James, her husband of 30 years, and two sons,…

Snapshot taken from UNC's "Social Media for Social Good" Infographic

[Infographic] How Social Media Influences Giving

Editor’s note: I’m happy to have Harrison Kratz on the blog again! He is the Founder of the global toy drive, Tweet Drive and the Community Manager for MBA@UNC, one…

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10.24.2012 ,

Beware Of These Three Horrific Facebook Zombies

One of my favorite iOS games is Plants vs. Zombies. If you’re not familiar with it, the object is to plant the right combination and right amount of zombie-killing plants…

Tyesha Love (Second from Left)
10.24.2012 ,

Deconstruction Before Reconstruction: Tyesha’s Battle with Breast Cancer

“I have a strong history of cancer on the maternal side of my family,” Tyesha Love says. “When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was identified as a…

Rick Grimes, "The Walking Dead" (Photo via

5 Nonprofit Lessons from The Walking Dead

I’m a big fan of all-things zombie and especially the AMC series The Walking Dead. I have a lot of company as a record-breaking 3 million people joined me last…

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Six Questions To Consider Before You Start A Nonprofit

So you want to start a nonprofit? God bless you! And yes, I really do mean that. I don’t want to live in a world that is only about the…