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22 Delightful Ways to Say Thank You!

Editor’s Note: I am SO HAPPY to have Shanon Doolittle guest posting on our blog today! She’s hilarious, and this post made me so happy (I’m sure it’ll make you…

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5 Ways to Ambush Your Competition & Steal Gold

A lot of the action at the Olympics is happening far away from the athletes. The Olympic Committee has taken unprecedented steps to protect its brand against rogue marketers that…

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4 Guest Blogger Credentials

Inviting others to guest post on your blog can help improve the quality and quantity of content you offer your community. But asking the wrong person to guest post could…

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The Beard That Fights Human Trafficking

When Chris Judd married Jana, a songwriter and human trafficking activist, he learned more about her passion and reasons to fight the injustice. “She would be reading something and sharing…

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Why Guest Posts Can Be Good For Your Nonprofit Blog

In a recent blog post, one of our readers asked about guest posts on nonprofit blogs. Here was the question: To that, Gisele Navarro Mendez and I responded with an…

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How to Prepare for Facebook's Decline

Photo by Sean MacEntee If you are a nonprofit or a consistent fundraiser, then it’s time to hedge your bets and start investing in networks other than Facebook. A recent…

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Which Facebook Page Updates Should Your Nonprofit Pay To Promote?

As you work to improve your ability to publish awesome content on your Facebook Page,  it’s a good idea to be prepared promote updates when they happen to go wildly…

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4 Lessons My Instagram-Loving Tween Taught Me

My twelve year-old daughter is very smart. Lest I forget, she reminds me every day. Sadly, she’s not sure about my smarts anymore. She points to the fact that I…

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7 Tips For Creating Your Own Facebook Memes

We’re focusing on using visuals here at Razoo in the month of July, and one thing we wanted to talk to you about was the use of memes on Facebook.…