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50 Ways to be a Good Social Media Citizen

A lot of people tell me that they really find it hard to know how to be a helpful entity in the online space. There is so much contradictory advice,…


Who Matters Most? Beneficiary, NPO, or Donor?

Who’s the most important person in a fundraiser? Is it the beneficiary, the fundraiser/nonprofit, or the donor? A very strong case can be made for the beneficiary. After all, they/it…


5 Ways Photos Promote Fundraisers on Facebook

A recent study from Dan Zarrella shows that the best type of content to share on Facebook is photos. Facebook users love to share and like photos more than any…

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When Building Donor Relationships, Talk is Cheap

A recent series of three posts on the Harvard Business Review blog by Karen Freeman, Patrick Spenner and Anna Bird of Corporate Executive Board explored some of the myths surrounding…

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6 Images Every Nonprofit Can Capture

Some nonprofits find it challenging at times to represent the work they do in photos, rather than text. But photos are one of the most shared content on social media,…

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No Mobile, No Future

Much has been made about the necessity of developing a mobile web strategy. Mobile now comprises 10% of global web traffic. This year’s Millennial Impact Report shows how important mobile…

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Ellie Fund's 4 Strategies to Win Twive & Receive

Last week Razoo conducted a national fundraising campaign where 162 nonprofits competed to win a share of $30,000 in prize money. The Ellie Fund (based in the home of the…

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3 Ways to Turn Distraction Into Support

I never just watch television. As I’m finishing this post, I’m watching The Patriot–a fitting movie for a Bostonian on Bunker Hill Day! I’m a multi-tasker that has to justify…

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Don't Make Me Work

Guest post by Sohini Baliga. It’s no wonder that you see so many posts and discussions devoted to fundraising and development. Both are the lifeblood of NPOs, the majority of…

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4 Ways Stories Can Help Build Your Cause

I recently finished reading a pretty fascinating book called Winning the Story Wars, by Jonah Sachs. The premise of the book is that while everyone is vying for attention, we…