Arctic Home and Breast Cancer "Debate" at #CMF12

The following is a live blog from today’s Cause Marketing Forum. Coke, the World Wildlife Federation, and the Arctic Home Campaign Coke has developed a culture for innovative improvement, and…


6 Ways To Integrate Fundraising Into Facebook

You’ve read about how Facebook can be used as a powerful tool within a fundraising arsenal. Here are six more specific ways to improve your fundraising results from using Facebook:…

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4 Things Nonprofits Need to Stop Saying

I got a lot of great feedback on my post last week on 4 Words Nonprofits Need to Stop Using. Thanks to everyone who commented, even the folks who disagreed with…

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05.28.2012 ,

Two Beautiful Words

In the English language, I can’t think of a nicer combination of words than “thank you.” Of course, “I love you” is a really nice combination of words to hear…

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Be the Avengers of Fundraising

After seeing the movie (and stealing the idea for this blog post from someone dear to my heart), I thought it would be fun to recognize the different hats nonprofiters…

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5 Facts that Social Media is an Endurance Contest

“You say you want a [social media] revolution, wellll you know . . . we all wanna change the world.” ~John Lennon OK, that’s not exactly how the song goes,…

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The Marketing To End All Marketing

In my previous column, I waxed about putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to marketing. My point was that our mouth, our voice, our marketing is…


2011 Online Giving Report From Blackbaud

Earlier this year, Blackbaud published their “donorCentrics Index of National Fundraising Performance” which they’ve published for the past few years. The dataset for 2011 is derived from 79 million transactions,…

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4 Words Nonprofits Need to Stop Using

I write every day so I have to be a word guy. I’m always searching for just the right thing to say. But I rarely use a dictionary or thesaurus…

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The 4 Challenges of Cause Marketing

Want to be Geoff Livingston‘s guest at the Cause Marketing Forum this May 30-31 in Chicago? The best comment wins a free registration worth $1,045.00 for a business or $795…