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03.29.2012 ,

Shining the Spotlight on Molly Cantrell-Kraig

Editor’s Note: This is Margie’s last personal profile for our series this month honoring women in social good. So happy to have had her interview these great ladies making a…

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How Should I Use Each Social Media Channel For My Nonprofit?

If you’re reading this blog post, there’s a good chance you’re using social media to create awareness for your cause and have maybe even conducted a few online fundraising campaigns.…

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Qualifying Online Ambassadors

Last week we talked about the strategy of using online ambassadors to attract new donors with social media. Of course the question for nonprofits is how to vet or select…

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8 Tools to Help You Better Blog the Cause

I hope your nonprofit blogs regularly. Creating your own compelling content, being found online, and building other social media platforms around a home base such as blogging are three of…

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03.26.2012 ,

How a Local Food Pantry Changed Martha’s Life

Martha Heassler has been married to same man for over 30 years. They have two daughters, they’re both professionals, but when the times got tough, that didn’t matter. They almost…

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How Do I Find New Donors with Social Media?

I work with many nonprofits on social fundraisers, and one of the most common questions I get is, “How do I find new donors with social media?” Finding these new…

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03.21.2012 ,

How to Slay Perfectionism

On Monday, Ifdy wrote about why small is better than big, especially if you’re a small nonprofit with limited resources.   She wrote that smaller projects “help you quickly develop…

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03.20.2012 ,

Paypal Makes Four: Mobile Payment Options for Nonprofits

Mobile payment solutions became mainstream last week when Paypal announced Paypal Here, their new payment platform for small businesses. The technology isn’t new. Square invented it in 2009 and of late, it’s…

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03.19.2012 ,

The Lean, Mean, Fighting Nonprofit Machine

When I worked in a startup nonprofit years ago, one thing I wish I had known then was to stop obsessing over being big. Just like kids, we wanted to…

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03.15.2012 ,

Shining the Spotlight on Estrella Rosenberg

Here’s Margie Clayman‘s third profile of a kick-butt woman in social good in honor of Women’s History Month. You can check out her other posts telling the story of Luma…