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12.29.2011 ,

2011’s Most Popular Posts on Inspiring Generosity [BONUS]

  Ok, I know on Tuesday I said that we wouldn’t be posting anything else until the New Year but I figured it’d be nice to do a recap of…

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12.27.2011 , ,

Nonprofit New Years Resolutions

We can’t deny it any longer. We’re in the final stretch of 2011. Sigh. But that’s also a good thing, right? We’ve got a new year to start fresh, create…

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5 Lessons You Can Steal From Minnesota's Give to the Max Day

Last month the Minnesota Give To The Max campaign raised over $13,414,253 (yes, over $13 million) for almost 3,978 MN nonprofits. This was 22% more than what was raised in…

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12.20.2011 ,

HOW TO: Make the Most of December 31

According to Network for Good, 33% of giving for the entire year happens on December 30 and 31. Are you ready for the great year-end push? Grab some last minute…

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Last Minute Tips for Your Year-End Appeal

This time of year is overwhelming because of it’s the last push to get those dollars, wrap up those projects, and tie loose ends. And for many nonprofits, this is…

Together Liberia


At the heart of giving and social media alike is a desire to connect fulfilling a need for togetherness. Sometimes that core emotional driver is buried in online solicitations, volunteering…

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12.14.2011 ,

How to Get More Attention During Christmas with Combined Relevance

A 13th century Buddhist monk talked about how a tiny blue fly won’t get very far on its own, but once it grabs onto the tail of a thoroughbred horse…

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12.13.2011 ,

Get Some Face Time Over the Holidays

Giving can be impersonal. You write a check. You drop items off. You put some cash into the collection. And you walk away. This year, challenge yourself to go a step…

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12.12.2011 ,

4 Elements of the Blue Key Campaign's Success

Have you heard of the Blue Key Campaign? This national campaign, led by USA for UNHCR, is spreading the word about the 40 million refugees in the world, but allows…

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12.09.2011 ,

It’s the Little Things That Count in Social Fundraising

We’re excited to have a guest post from Maddie Grant about this very important issue. Maddie is chief social media strategist at SocialFish, where she helps associations build community on…