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10.31.2011 ,

Community Building for the Undead

  A couple weeks ago, a few friends and I finally made it to our long awaited, first practice run for the zombie apocalypse. Wait… let me backtrack. We’re big…

10.27.2011 ,

10 Must-Have Social Media Primers

Earlier this week we highlighted 10 must have social media primers for nonprofits gearing up for Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington. A wide range of topics are included…


Download Idealware's Free Social Media Decision Guide

If your organization is still trying to figure out how to use social media, you are not alone! Every organization, from the Red Cross on down to the single-person nonprofit,…

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10.25.2011 ,

Unraveling The Myth of Slacktivism

Last year, Malcom Gladwell started quite the discussion–and some heated arguments–in his New Yorker expose on “slacktivism,” doubting social media’s role in impacting real social change. “Slacktivism” describes the simple,…

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Why Should I Donate?

That’s the question many prospective donors will ask you when you approach them for the first time. Some might even ask you that after they’ve donated. And it’s a good,…

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Connecting With the Thoughtful Consumer Through Cause Shopping

Guest post by Andrea Fabbri Andrea Fabbri is CMO at Recoup and Sr. Strategist with Unison Agency. Every good story has a hero and a villain. These days my villain…

10.20.2011 ,

5 Ways to Engage Online Ambassadors

Activating online ambassadors–or influencers as they are known in social media parlance–can be a scary thing. Most people think of cranky bloggers who complain about getting over-pitched. And if you’re…

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Email Fundraising is Still King

Last week you saw the infograph comparing the generosity of Mac users and PC users. A conclusion from this Razoo study was that–platforms aside–email fundraising is still the king of…

Pied Piper
10.18.2011 ,

Who Leads the Pied Piper?

When you get down to it, improving lives is all about relationships. The relationship between you and donor, volunteer, co-worker, stakeholder, executive director, family and friends–they all matter  and contribute…

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HOW TO: Tell the Story to Your Donors

  After Friday’s Give to the Max Day training, I came back with great, practical ideas from experts like Beth Kanter and Katya Andresen on how nonprofits can tell their…